JointAction is the international advocacy campaign of the youth network young@mission21 and takes place in the last week of September. You can join the campaign alone, with friends or as a group. Make sure that you will follow the actions from all over the world in the social media under the #youngatmission21jointaction.


    JointAction against Hate Speech

    Why Hate Speech?

    Internet and social media make it easier for us to express ourselves and participate in public discussions - worldwide. The Internet brings the world closer together and at the same time makes social divides more visible. JointAction against hate speech by young@mission21 calls for respectful interactions online, free from violence and discrimination.

    You can find more information and facts on this topic on the Facebook pages of â–ºyoung@mission21.

    Join Us!
    • When? The JointAction against hate speech runs from September 23rd to 29th. During this time, young people and young adults are called upon to take part in individual, solidarity-based actions for respectful interaction on the Internet.
    • How? The actions are planned and carried out individually, alone or in a group. In order to make the worldwide solidarity visible, the individual actions should be visible in the social media and provided with the #youngatmisison21jointaction.

    Ideas for Actions

    Commit yourself to respectful interactions online and mark your profile picture with the JointAction frame.


    Invite your friends to dinner and exchange experiences on the subject.


    Meet the trolls: Speak to those who behave disrespectfully on the net and meet them.

    Write a politician a letter or e-mail with your message on the subject.


    Give positive feedback to people in the internet and use the #youngatmission21jointaction and #againsthatespeech.


    Share your story and experience with your community and use the #youngatmission21jointaction and #againsthatespeech.