Successful premiere: Mission 21 conducted Synod 2021 digitally

Pleased about well-attended and live-streamed closing service: host Dominik Reifler (pastor Gellertkirche, 3rd from left) and the guests of Mission 21 (from left), Maria Reiss (coordinator Synod), Karl F. Appl (vice president of the board), Jochen Kirsch (director), president of the board Johannes Blum as well as Michal Maurer, newly elected member of the board. Photo: Mission 21

The Synod, the highest body of Mission 21, sets the framework for the work of the organization. However, the delegates from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, together with the board of directors, also delve deeply into the concrete situations and concerns of the people in the partner countries.

The "Burning Issues," the issues that preoccupy people and shape their lives in Mission 21's 20 partner countries, were influenced by the Corona pandemic last year. For the most part, existing problems were exacerbated and presented Mission 21 and its partner churches and organizations with new challenges.

Poverty and violence against women on the rise

Whether in Africa, Asia or Latin America, the pandemic has led to more poverty and also to more violence against women and children. This was impressively demonstrated by the various statements from the respective continental assemblies that were sent to Mission 21. It was also particularly visible in the Women's presynod, which kicked off Synod Week on Wednesday.

During the three sessions, the delegates assessed whether Mission 21 was well on its way to accomplishing its tasks. They subsequently approved the annual financial statements and report for 2020 and approved the framework budget for the coming year. The elections took place quickly and according to the proposals of the board. Thus, with pastor Michal Maurer from Sargans, a new member was elected into the Board of Directors elected. Margrit Schneider stepped down from the Board and her work was thanked. The synod also took note of personnel changes in the individual Continental Assemblies.

Greetings show solidarity

The participation of the delegates was strongly noticeable. Despite occasional technical problems and large time differences (for South Korea, the meeting began at 10 p.m.; for Costa Rica, at seven a.m.), there was dedicated discussion and voting.

EKS President Rita Famos during her greeting via video. Screenshot: Mission 21

The last synod meeting on Saturday also showed the great solidarity of Mission 21 within the church landscape in Switzerland and in Europe. We would like to emphasize the greeting of the President of the Evangelical Church Switzerland (EKS), Rita Famos (who was then officially installed in her office as president the following day in Bern). She emphasized how important the work in the Worldwide Church is for the hope of a good future. Mission 21 feels strengthened by this solidarity in the common work.

Text: Christoph Rácz

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