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"I have learned a lot and will pass it on to others."

Ladi Zachariah, farmer from Nigeria

Ladi Zachariah lives with her sons in northeastern Nigeria. She grows beans, peanuts and corn to feed her family. But the harvests are poor and Ladi says, "We don't have enough to eat." The soil is becoming more infertile, and climate change is causing more frequent droughts and floods.

Although Ladi has been working in the fields since she was young, the knowledge she has been handed down does not help her enough. That is why the educational opportunities offered by our local partners are important to her. 

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About 40 % of the population lives below the poverty line and is on self-sufficiency.

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The widespread cultivation with synthetic fertilizers depletes the soil and reduces its fertility.

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The Global warming is affecting harvests and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.

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Deforestation, erosion, pollution and contaminated groundwater reduce the soil quality in addition.

They train and advise Farmers in north-eastern Nigeria in sustainable agriculture, about the advantages of Mixed crops and in environmentally friendly methods of pest control. 

You promote Construction and operation of energy-efficient cooking ovens with practical building instructions and financial resources for Resource-saving cooking.

They sensitize The farmers are aware of the importance of the planting of trees for the Maintaining soil quality is.

They provide information on how biological waste products can be the production of Charcoal can be used, the instead of valuable wood can be burned.

Mission 21 is active in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America as part of sustainable development cooperation and humanitarian aid for peacebuilding, education, health, food sovereignty and income generation. In this way, we contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What you do with your gift donation

cooking ovens

CHF 25

One person receives building materials for an energy-efficient cooking oven and learns how to build it.


CHF 50

We plant 200 tree seedlings with the farmers.

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CHF 75

A farmer can attend a training course on ecologically sustainable agriculture.

Figure 2

CHF 150

two farmers can attend a training course on ecologically sustainable agriculture.

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