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    Educational offers

    For Mission 21, global program and project work and educational work in Switzerland are inseparable. As an international learning community, we create space for intercultural exchange and interreligious cooperation and promote understanding of global interrelationships. Mission 21 carries out educational work in Switzerland and contributes to interreligious understanding. You will receive impulses from us that will enable and encourage you to act in solidarity. Our offers are EduQua certified.

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    Subject areas

    Globalization and society

    We live and work in a globally networked world. We are concerned with issues such as justice, sustainable development, climate protection and peaceful coexistence. Our courses also convey the perspective of our partner churches and organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They show what we can learn from them and what contribution we can make in a globalized world.

    Transcultural and interreligious peacebuilding

    Religions can fuel violence in conflicts, but they can also lay the foundations for peace. At Mission 21, interreligious peacebuilding is an area of activity of our programs abroad as well as our educational work at home. We promote respectful transcultural and interreligious dialog as the basis for peaceful coexistence. Mutual learning is the basis for peace processes.

    Religion and development

    Can religions support development? In the 20th century, they were seen as a hindrance. This view has been changing since the turn of the century. Secular actors also recognize that development cooperation achieves goals better when religion is included in religious societies. Our courses discuss how religions can contribute to peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

    Spirituality worldwide

    Spirituality plays a major role in many cultures and religions in order to focus and orient oneself, to process experiences and to give depth to life. Understanding spiritual questions in other cultural contexts can give us new impulses. The workshops offer insights into what we can learn from exchanges with our partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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    Courses for youth groups

    What is friendship? Can we live it worldwide? The young people go on a journey of discovery, learn about development cooperation and what this has to do with friendship: In Conf lessons or on a project day on the topic of "Agents of Change". And they explore their personal goal in life, their own mission: What is my friendship service for the world?

    ► Course program youth groups (PDF)

    ► Youth network young@mission21

    Regional Conf Days

    Together with you, Mission 21 organizes a Confirmation Day for several Confirmation groups from your region. Between 40 and 120 confirmands experience an interactive day and get to know young people from other parishes. They discover global cooperation and are motivated to work for fairness personally and with their church community.

    Find out more in the education program (p. 24)

    Course costs

    Standard courses for adults and teenagers

    - 1 to 2 hours: CHF 300.

    - 2.5 hours: CHF 350.

    - 3 hours: CHF 400.-

    - each additional hour CHF 100

    Plus any expenses.
    The general terms and conditions of Mission 21 apply. ► Download as PDF

    Course Leaders

    alexandra flury

    Rev. Alexandra Flury-Schoelch

    Education Team, Director of Studies
    Tel. +41 (0)61 260 22 46
    ► E-mail

    christian weber

    Rev. Dr. Christian Weber

    Education Team, Director of Studies
    Tel. +41 (0)61 260 22 60
    ► E-mail

    claudia buess

    Claudia Buess

    Education Team, Head of Educational Events
    Tel. +41 (0)61 260 23 35
    ► E-Mail

    Course Request

    Please send your course request to Monika Di Pietrantonio.

    The course request should include the following information: Course title, desired date and number of people.

    For webinars, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of the appropriate meeting program (e.g. MS Teams, Skype, Zoom) and the course content.

    monika di pietrantonio

    Monika Di Pietrantonio

    Responsible for administration of educational offers
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 67
    ► E-mail

    Course registration

    Course registration

    Sign up now!.

    Please contact me via
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    monika di pietrantonio

    Monika Di Pietrantonio

    Responsible for administration of educational offers
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 67
    ► E-mail

    Encounter trips

    Mission 21 organizes encounter trips to its partner churches and partner organizations. The trips bring Mission 21's development cooperation to life. They provide insight into our project work and into the historically grown relationships with local partners. Exciting encounters with local people enrich the program, which also takes into account getting to know the geographical and social diversity of a country.

    ► Flyer for the next meeting trip to Chile, 8.-22.11.2024 (PDF)


    Mission 21 offers sabbaticals for pastors in Costa Rica, Cameroon, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan. These last one to three months and include participation in academic events, getting to know churches and projects, and selective local work. Mission 21 advises, arranges contacts, and offers preparation and evaluation. The possibilities vary depending on available places and the political situation in the respective country.

    ► Interview with sabbatical participant in Costa Rica

    christian weber

    Rev. Dr. Christian Weber

    Education Team, Director of Studies
    Tel. +41 (0)61 260 22 60
    ► E-mail

    Hope thanks to your support

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