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Transcultural exchange to listen in on!

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Gain experience abroad.

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Young people meet all over the world.


    We are the Mission 21 network for young adults. We are committed to cultural exchange among young adults from all over the world and work for a just world. Do you want to gain experience with people from other cultural contexts and work for a fair coexistence? Welcome to young@mission21!

    Next events

    Youth Summit 2024 "Young Voices. Intergenerational Online Meetup"

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    Your voice counts! At the digital International Youth Summit 2024 we focus on having young voices heard. We therefore invite young adults who are committed to an issue and make themselves heard in various fields to share their experience and engagement. Their short inputs shall encourage, inspire and lead to interesting discussions amongst all young participants. For the second part of the event, we then invite people in leading positions from various fields to listen. As a young adult, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your ideas. We are very much looking forward to hearing your voice on the International Youth Summit 2024. Register now!

    May 4, 2024

    Alumni Day meets Youth Summit "Young Voices. Intergenerational Meetup"

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    The Youth Summit 2024 "Young Voices. Intergenerational Meetup" brings generations together! Be part of it too! At the beginning of the event, the focus is on the first part of the title: young voices. The youth ambassadors will take the floor through a series of short inputs and we will talk about the concerns of young adults from our international network. Through a wide range of intergenerational activities (of which you can choose two), we will then exchange ideas and learn from each other. The international youth ambassadors and Mission 21 alumni will be present on this varied day and look forward to stimulating discussions... with you!

    June 29, 2024

    Podcast - Online from February 2!

    We are committed to transcultural exchange between young people and work together for a just world. That's why we want to give young people from our international network a voice with our podcast "Young Voices".

    Each episode gives a person the opportunity to share what is important to them and what moves them. Learn new things, gain insights into other contexts and be inspired by people's stories.

    From February 2, 2024, our podcast will be available every 2nd Friday on all podcast platforms. Join us and let's listen, learn and grow together. The podcast is in English.

    You can listen and subscribe to the podcast here: Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon.

    What is your story? Get in touch with us if you would like to inspire others with a podcast episode.

    yougvoices podcast rgb

    PEP! - Further education abroad

    Are you interested in international cooperation and would like to work abroad for a while? Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute and expand your skills?

    This is what the Mission 21 trainee program, called the Professionals Exposure Program (PEP!), offers you. The program includes preparation, an assignment in a partner organization in Africa, Asia or Latin America, support during the assignment and return support. The assignments last a minimum of six months and a maximum of twelve months. While working on a project, you will deepen your specialist knowledge and build up intercultural and transcultural social skills.

    The positions are applied for annually by our partners and are only advertised according to need.

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    Current PEP! deployments

    Youth Ambassador Program

    In the young@mission21 youth embassy program, young people from all over the world meet, learn more about other cultures and broaden their personal horizons in the process.

    The programme offers young adults from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America the opportunity to get to know each other, explore pressing issues in a globalized world and work together to find solutions.


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