Mission 21

Mission 21 sends out a message of hope for a fairer world. All across the globe, we are committed to promoting peace, improving education and healthcare, and combating poverty – especially for women; and we also carry out educational work in Switzerland. As an international institution with a long-term development cooperation programme, we are involved in over 100 projects spanning 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, in collaboration with more than 70 partner churches and partner organisations.

What your support achieves – throughout the world


Peace grows with us

Our campaign 2018 "Peace grows with us" has now officially started. The focus is on peace work in Nigeria, where the terror of Boko Haram has severely disturbed trust between the religious groups. It was in this seemingly hopeless situation that the Gurku peace village came into being. Gurku is special because more than 1,200 Christians and Muslims live here side by side and together overcome the horrors of the conflict. Peace activist Markus Gamache co-founded Gurku. In our campaign film he talks about the emergence of Gurku and the chance to improve the Muslim-Christian relationship in Nigeria. Set an example for peace, use our numerous participation actions and the opportunity to donate, because peace grows with us. ► More info

Young @ Mission 21

Young@mission: MeetingPoint

Meet all those who have already worked abroad for young@mission and learn about their experiences. When: Saturday, 10 November 2018, in Basel. ► More info

Short assignments in Hongkong

Would you like to spend 3 months in a world metropolis and work with us?
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