Mission 21

Mission 21 sends out a message of hope for a fairer world. All across the globe, we are committed to promoting peace, improving education and healthcare, and combating poverty – especially for women; and we also carry out educational work in Switzerland. As an international institution with a long-term development cooperation programme, we are involved in over 100 projects spanning 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, in collaboration with more than 70 partner churches and partner organisations.

What your support achieves – throughout the world


At the service of health

In the remote region of Kwango in the Democratic Republic of Congo, people die every day from diseases that should not be fatal due to poor infrastructure, lack of medicines or lack of education. Now Mission 21 is expanding its health project. A particular focus is on access to clean drinking water. ► More information

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PEP! - Assignments in Tanzania

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