Mission 21

Mission 21 sends out a message of hope for a fairer world. All across the globe, we are committed to promoting peace, improving education and healthcare, and combating poverty – especially for women; and we also carry out educational work in Switzerland. As an international institution with a long-term development cooperation programme, we are involved in over 100 projects spanning 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, in collaboration with more than 70 partner churches and partner organisations.

What your support achieves – throughout the world

South Sudan

Midwives save lives

Southern Sudan has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. The country urgently needs well-trained midwives to save newborns and their mothers. Mission 21 supports a midwifery school that provides two and a half years of midwifery training for young women. Despite the war, 80 women have already successfully completed their midwifery school and are now working throughout the country. Each of them accompanies up to 250 births per year. Help to continue the education of midwives and save lives. ► More info

Young @ Mission 21

Young@mission: We are looking for you

Become a youth ambassador: We are looking for young people who would like to get involved in our youth network and are interested in intercultural exchange. ► More info

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