Encounter trip to Chile

November 8-22, 2024
puerto varas

The encounter trip 2024 leads to Chile, "the elongated country" full of contrasts. The culture of the country is as rich as the landscape is diverse, ranging from untouched wilderness to endless expanses and pulsating life in the cities. In addition to the scenic sights, we will visit Mission 21 projects and church communities and get to know the country and its people. Optionally, the trip can be extended to Patagonia and Argentina.

Insights into our journey

Santiago de Chile, a metropolis of just under 6 million inhabitants, captivates with its mix of colonial-style buildings and modern high-rises with trendy cafés. The Andes on the outskirts of the city are omnipresent. The dynamic, cosmopolitan Santiago inspires with its many employment opportunities and its characteristic versatility, which can be felt in all districts. However, the great social differences are also noticeable in Santiago.

Various excursions show us the charm and diversity of the country. The port city of Valparaíso nestles like a huge amphitheater on 42 hills on the wide bay. Viña del Mar, the country's most popular seaside resort, owes its nickname "Garden City" to its many well-kept parks and private gardens.

We then head south and stay for several days in Concepción, Chile's second largest city, whose port city of Talcahuano is located on the Pacific Ocean. There, visits to partner organizations give us an insight into the work of Mission 21, be it at a theological college (the Comunidad Teològica Evangélica), in Christian congregations or in violence prevention for women at Sedec. Thanks to the hospitality of the local partners, we not only experience the landscape and the culture, but also unforgettable encounters. In Frutillar and Puerto Varas on Lake Llanquihue, there is German immigration culture to see and we enjoy the uniquely beautiful views of lakes, volcanoes and forests.

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