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    Experts for lectures

    We offer topics on our worldwide development cooperation, together with our partners. Learn more from guests from our partner countries, from our international staff or from young professionals working in the PEP! program.

    COVID-19 protection concept: our professionals have a 3G certificate.

    We would be happy to visit you. Mission 21 experts will give you a clear insight into our areas of activity: peacebuilding, education, health, food sovereignty and income generation. We will inform you about our work in emergency aid and reconstruction and our advocacy for gender justice and religious freedom. We present the project work of our partner churches and partner organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America and immerse you in the more than 200-year history of Mission 21 and its supporting associations.

    Our speakers are available for information sessions, worship services, lessons or volunteer thank you events.

    Current topics can be discussed in the face-to-face meeting. For example, "How does personnel development cooperation work at eye level?" - "What does mission mean today?" or "What are the possibilities and limits of intercultural exchange and interreligious peacebuilding?" We look forward to hearing from you!

    monika di pietrantonio

    Monika Di Pietrantonio

    Responsible for administration of educational offers
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 67
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    Possible presentation topics

    We are happy to arrange a competent person for your event on request. Fee and expenses according to agreement. For example, on one of the following topics:

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    Mission general

    Experts will show you how mission today opens up new possibilities for mutual exchange and encounter at eye level.

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    Through education, people can shape their own lives and take responsibility. Experts provide insight into Mission 21's education projects.

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    Food Sovereignty

    Around 870 million people go hungry worldwide. We show where and how Mission 21 is working for food sovereignty.

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    Many conflicts have a religious or ethnic context. Experts will give you insights into Mission 21's long-standing peace work.

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    Health is a human right. Mission 21 enables people in remote rural areas in particular to access basic medical care. We are happy to give you an insight.

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    Learn more about a project?

    Our program managers or international staff will be happy to provide information about the work on site.

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    Gender Equity

    Many women and girls are affected by discrimination and violence because of their gender. Mission 21 is committed to gender justice on several levels. 

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    Interest in a particular country?

    We will be happy to advise you and arrange for a specialist to give a presentation on a project country of your choice.

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