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Mission 21 sends out a message of hope for a fairer world. All across the globe, we are committed to promoting peace, improving education and healthcare, and combating poverty – especially for women; and we also carry out educational work in Switzerland. As an international institution with a long-term development cooperation programme, we are striving to attain the United Nations sustainable development goals. We are involved in over 100 projects spanning 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, in collaboration with more than 70 partner churches and partner organisations.

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South Sudan

In order to make peace a reality

South Sudan lies in ruins because of the civil war. Many villages are destroyed. And the smell of burnt fields hangs in the air. Children suffer from war traumas and the unstable situation of the country. The Muhaba Children's Center offers these children a roof over their heads, warm food and school education. The Children's Center Muhaba exists only thanks to people like you. With your donation you can help more children to make the dream of peace and a secure future come true.
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Network for young adults

Are you keen to gain experience with people from different cultural backgrounds, and to take action so that people can live together in fairness? Then join us. We are Mission 21's network for young adults. We are dedicated to cultural exchange among young adults from all over the world, and we strive to bring about a fairer world. ► More information

Who we are

Mission 21 operates internationally to bring about a fairer world. Since 1815, we have been sending out a message of hope based on the Christian faith and human rights. All over the world, we work to promote peace, improve education and healthcare, and to support agriculture and livelihood security. We focus our efforts on women and girls in particular. In 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America, we are involved in over 100 projects in the fields of long-term development cooperation, emergency relief and reconstruction. We work jointly with over 70 partner churches and partner organisations across the globe, and we engage in professional exchange and cooperation at eye level. In Switzerland, Mission 21 carries out educational work and contributes to interfaith understanding. Mission 21 receives support from the Protestant Church in Switzerland (PCS) and from the Agency for Development and Cooperation of the Swiss Confederation (SDC). Mission 21 is recognised as a charitable organisation and is certified by ZEWO (the Swiss organisation for transparency in charitable foundations) and EduQua (the Swiss quality label for further education institutions).

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For example, support our peace work in South Sudan and give children and young people hope for a more peaceful future. ► More information