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Mission 21

Mission 21 is committed in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the context of sustainable development cooperation as well as humanitarian action for peacebuilding, education, health, food sovereignty, and economic empowerment. In this way we contribute to the achievement of the UN goals for sustainable development. This worldwide commitment is combined with programmes for intercultural exchange and interreligious cooperation as well as the promotion of understanding for global connections.

What your support achieves – throughout the world


Help for women affected by violence

Every year, tens of thousands of women from Indonesia fall into the clutches of human traffickers. To escape poverty, these women look for jobs as domestic helpers in neighbouring countries. Often they are exploited and abused in the process. Mission 21 stands up for these women. With our project "Support for women and children subject to violence", we run counselling centres and shelters for victims of violence. We inform women about their rights and support them with education and training.

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Webinar Dossiers

Christian Missions and Churches - Between Racism and Respect

The history of Europe's worldwide missionary activities is ambivalent: there are examples of respectful encounters as well as Western arrogance or even racist behaviour. How are mission history and today's church relations perceived from perspectives in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe? We will discuss with experts from four continents what we can learn from history in order to deal with racism and discrimination today.


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Mission - Colonialism Revisited

Mission 21 focuses on the complex history of mission, colonialism and slavery in order to sharpen the focus for the current social debate on racism and discrimination. A series of events explores the tensions of Christian missionary societies in the framework of slavery and colonialism. In the web dossier Mission - Slavery - Colonialism Revisited you will also find interesting background material on the events. And you can rewatch the whole webinars.

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Who we are

Mission 21 is a worldwide community of partner churches and partner organisations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Together we have been committed for over 200 years to a life in dignity for all people on the basis of the Christian faith. We provide sustainable development cooperation as well as emergency assistance and reconstruction. In this way, we contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
We are engaged in peacebuilding, education, health and food sovereignty in around 100 projects in 20 countries. We are particularly committed to good governance and to gender justice.
We offer intercultural exchange programmes, promote interreligious cooperation and understanding of global contexts.
Mission 21 is supported by people like you, by the Swiss Protestant Reformed Church (EKS) and by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). Mission 21 is recognised as a non-profit organisation and certified by ZEWO (the Swiss organisation for transparency in charitable foundations) and EduQua (the Swiss quality label for further education institutions).

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