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    Join in: Make a #SignOfHope

    In this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic, we are asked more than ever to stand together, support each other and stand in solidarity, even across spatial distances. Let us therefore encourage each other.

    Become part of our worldwide movement of solidarity and join us for our Social media action: ► More info

    Learn more about the Work of our partners under the aggravating circumstances caused by the Corona pandemic and about the support of Mission 21 worldwide: ► to the news

    Already many have given us Sign of hope that encourage us every day and make visible the worldwide community of solidarity of Mission 21.

    Video messages

    You can find more video - messages:

    ► on our Vimeo channel

    ► on our Youtube channel

    Image messages

    Letters and prayers

    A sign of hope from Rita Famos, president of the Evangelical Church Switzerland: ► Read the message of Rita Famos (in English and German)

    A sign of hope by Judith Gysi from the Reformed parish Aargau: ► Read letter from Judith Gysi (in English)

    A sign of hope from the All African Conference of Churches (AACC): ► Read the message of hope (in English)

    The South Sudan Federation of Churches calls for action against the pandemic: ► Statement of the Federation of South Sudanese Churches on COVID-19 (in English)

    A Sign of Hope by Eleaonor McCormick of the Baden State Church, Germany: ► Community Letter on the Corona Crisis by Eleaonor McCormick (in German)

    The Secretary General of theWorld Council of Churches (WCC) supports the work of Mission 21: The WCC's message of hope to Mission 21 and its partners (in English)

    Our partner church in Cameroon sends us an uplifting prayer: ► Message of Hope and Prayer from the President of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PDF in English)

    Report on project work during the Corona pandemic by Togho Lumumba Mukong, country coordinator of Mission 21 in Cameroon: ► Report by Lumumba Mukong from Cameroon (PDF English)

    Impressions on the situation of women during the Corona pandemic in Cameroon by Njotu Angeline, head of the Educational program WEELP for women: ► Report by Njotu Angeline from Cameroon

    Our partner church in Ghana describes the fight against the Corona Pandemic: ► Report of the Presbyterian Church in Ghana (PDF in English) and she sends Easter greetings in this difficult time: ► Easter greetings from the church president (PDF in English)

    Easter message from Bishop James Wong, The Basel Christian Chruch of Malaysia (BCCM): ► Easter message from Bishop James Wong (PDF in English)

    Noria Majaman reports from Malaysia and how she is dealing with the Corona situation: ► Report by Noria Majaman (PDF in English)

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    Your donation makes it possible

    These radio spots, funded by Mission 21, are currently being broadcast by our partner church the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC). They inform people about the necessary measures to protect themselves from the Corona virus and educate about false news spreading about the Corona pandemic. The spots are broadcast in English and Pidgin, a local language.

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