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    International Forum on interfaith and transcultural peacebuilding

    Many of Mission 21's partner churches and organizations live in crisis and conflict regions. Therefore, interfaith and transcultural peacebuilding is a main topic of cooperation. The international forum, held on 17.-18. August, 2023, featured presentations and discussions on how peace initiatives from different contexts can support each other. The topic of the online forum was the role of religion and spirituality in dealing with trauma. In this dossier you will find documents on the presentations of the experts from our partner churches and organizations in Nigeria, Bolivia and Indonesia.

    The topic of the online meeting was the role of religion and spirituality in overcoming trauma. In this dossier you will find videos of the speeches as well as documents on the presentations of the experts from our partner churches and organizations in Nigeria, Bolivia and Indonesia.

    Session 1

    forum 0002 alissa wahid bearb cbu

    Keynote - "Faith as a Resource for Trauma Transformation and Interreligious Peace Building."

    Alissa Wahid

    Psychologist, Co-Founder of Gusdurian Network, important network to foster human rights and democracy. She is also Co-Chair of Indonesia’s biggest faith-based organisation with 50 million Muslim members. She serves as an expert for Religious Moderation for the Ministry of Religious Affairs and as Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals Ambassador, One of the 10 Most Powerful Women in 2022 (Forbes Indonesia).

    forum 0003 mery kolimon

    "Trauma, Church and Peace Building.

    Rev. Dr. Mery Kolimon

    Teaches Missiology, Contextual Theology and Religions at Artha Wacana Christian Universi-ty in Kupang, East Timor. She is a member of the Eastern Indonesia Women’s Network for Study on Women, Religion and Culture. Moderator of Gereja Masehi Injili di Timor Church, Latest book: Mission of Empowerment: A Feminist Perspective (2022).

    forum 0001 rev ephraim yakubu nigeria 2

    "Pastoral Care Response to Victims of Post-Conflict Trauma."

    Rev. Dr. Ephraim Yakubu Simon

    Director of the Christian Council of Nigeria’s Peace Building and Trauma Healing Center in Jos, Nigeria. Attended Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Institute in Ghana, West Africa, and Kurve Wustro in Germany for conflict transformation and peacebuilding studies.

    alissa wahid bearb cbu

    "Trauma Healing for women coming from fragile and war areas to Switzerland".

    Riham Galal Mahfouz, M.D.

    Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Ph. D. in medical molecular biology, Egypt. Master's degree in psychotherapy, University of Basel, Switzerland. Certificate in clinical psychiatry, University of South Wales, England.

    maria mercedes vargas apaza

    "Resilient Self-Help Communities in the Face of Violence."

    Maria Mercedes Vargas Apaza

    Social worker, specializing in public policy and gender equity. Director of the Fundaçion Machaqa Amawta 2019 – 04/2023, working with the indigenous population in rural Bolivia on intercultural education, ecological farming and improving political participation. Coordinator of the Intercultural Governance and Citizenship Programme 2010 – 2019.

    Session 2


    Keynote - "Interfaith Conflicts, Trauma, and Art: An Indonesian Theological Voice of Healing and Peace."

    Dr. Septemmy Lakawa

    Ph. D.  in Theology, Associate Professor of Mission Studies, Feminist Theology and Trauma Theology, former President of Jakarta Theological Seminary. Latest publication: Kemurahhatian dan Trauma: Imajinasi Baru Misi Kristiani [Compassion and Trauma: A New Imagination of Christian Mission, with a Foreword by Prof. Dana L. Robert (Boston University School of Theology) (2023).

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