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    Archive events

    Here you will find reviews of past events. Some events are also accessible as full-length video recordings and can be viewed free of charge. If you have any questions or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you: ► E-mail

    Webinar Dossiers

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    International Forum on interfaith and transcultural peacebuilding

    Many of Mission 21's partner churches and organizations live in crisis and conflict regions. Therefore, interreligious and transcultural peace work is a central theme of cooperation. 

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    Decolonize Aid?

    An honest look at the continuing power imbalance in development cooperation and a joint search for new strategies for cooperation at eye level. With partner institutions from four continents.

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    Mission and Church - between racism and respect

    The history of Europe's worldwide missionary activity is ambivalent: There are examples of respectful encounters as well as Western arrogance or even racist behavior. How are mission history and today's church relations perceived from perspectives in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe?

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    Mission - Colonialism Revisited

    What role did Christian missionary societies play in the context of slavery and colonialism? Are there historical points of contact with racism and discrimination? Mission 21 brings the multi-layered history of mission, colonialism and slavery into focus in order to sharpen the focus for the current social debate on racism and discrimination.

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    Dialog International

    Dialog International Online: "(Anti)Racism in Different Religions".

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    Dialog International: Right to education for girls and women in Tanzania

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    Dialog International Online: "(Anti)Racism in Different Religions".

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    Dialog International: Reading the Bible with different eyes

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    Dialog International: Nigeria - Interreligious Conflict or Climate War?

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    Dialog International: Religion and Development

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    Dialog International: Hong Kong's democracy movement

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    Dialog International: Hope for Peace in South Sudan

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    New Year Service 2021

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    World Day of Prayer 2021: Vanuatu

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    Christmas party 2020

    csm christmas party mission 21 2020 06feb3ae4b

    Summer School: The Impact of Protests (Session 1)

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