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Protecting the climate, empowering women: Sustainable Agriculture in Tanzania

Hintergrundinformationen Im Usangu-Becken im Mbarali-Distrikt in Tansania trägt die Abholzung der Wälder zur Wüstenbildung in dem halbtrockenen Gebiet bei und bedroht die Wasserversorgung durch Flusswasser. Das hat wiederum weitreichende Auswirkungen auf die natürliche Ökologie und die Versorgung der Region mit Wasserkraft. Die zunehmend hohe Bevölkerungsdichte in der Region und die Attraktivität von Reis und Erdnüssen […]

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Education for sustainable ecological development in Nigeria

Background information Nigeria is rich in natural resources. However, these are often not used sustainably and are unevenly distributed. The population in the northeast of the country, whose development has been neglected by the state for decades, is particularly disadvantaged. The region is also affected by climate changes such as longer dry seasons and heavier rainfall, and unsustainable use of natural resources. In addition [...]

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Food sovereignty in the Andes

Background information In the strategic impact area of food sovereignty, we work with numerous small farmers in the greater Cusco area (PE), as well as in the catchment area of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru. In these areas, there is a lack of a varied, balanced and healthy diet. But also extreme weather events such as drought and prolonged extreme cold leading to frost - are increasing due to climate change [...]

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Food sovereignty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Background information The province of Kwango, where the focus of the agricultural project is located, is one of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo and covers an area about twice the size of Switzerland. It is located one to two days' drive from the capital, Kinshasa. The population here is largely self-sufficient. The basic infrastructure [...]

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Food sovereignty in rural areas in South Sudan.

Background information The violent conflicts that have plagued South Sudan since the end of 2013 are exacerbating the security and supply situation for the population. What are the people, especially in rural areas, supposed to live on? How can basic medical care be ensured? The Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA), a partner organization of Mission 21, has been dealing with these questions for many years. In Pochalla, [...]

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