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    Collects Association

    You can support Mission 21 with targeted collection campaigns. To do so, join the collection association or order a so-called thank-you collection box. Both the collection association and the collection boxes have a long tradition at Mission 21 and count many loyal supporters. Be a part of it!

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    Collects Association

    The Kollektenverein is an independent support association that provides financial support for the work of Mission 21. The association consists of around 200 members. It was founded in the mid-19th century as a kind of "crowdfunding group". The idea: if everyone donates half a penny, the total comes to a lot! To this day, the association lives from the commitment of many individuals.

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    Thank you collection box

    The idea of the thank-you box is simple: whenever we have reason to give thanks, we drop a coin into it. The proceeds are used to support other people. It's a simple way to show: We depend on each other, even across continents.

    The principle of the thank-you box is impressive: your small change makes a big impact in our projects. We invest the money in education, agriculture and livelihood security, health care, peace work and the advancement of women.

    Put up the thank-you box in your community or office, tell people about it, encourage others to join in! At festivals, you can ask that a contribution be put into the box instead of gifts.

    This is how saying "thank you" can do good!

    ► Download thank you box flyer

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    Other support options

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    You would like to support Mission 21 actively, at larger events, at the bazaar or otherwise selectively?

    You can find more information here:
    ► Volunteering

    Hope thanks to your support

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    Donation account Germany:
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    Swift BIC: SKLODE66
    BLZ: 683 500 48
    IBAN: DE39 6835 0048 0001 0323 33
    Account No. : 1032333

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