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    Aid for South Sudan

    Since 2005, this school has been training women to become qualified midwives. There is a great shortage of female doctors and nurses in South Sudan. The school of our church partner organization PRDA is therefore extremely valuable. Currently, 30 students are training to become midwives. They are still doing this in Kenya, because the school had to relocate in 2013 due to the civil war. But now the midwifery school is returning, to the capital Juba. This also pleases the future midwife Nyagoa John Jock:

    The midwifery school of our partner organization - a small ray of hope

    In mid-2022, 60 women will be able to study at the PRDA School of Midwifery instead of 30 today. This is a big step and an important improvement. It brings a little bit of hope to a country that is in the midst of a terrible humanitarian crisis and is still suffering from the consequences of years of civil war.

    The violence continues even after the official peace agreement of 2018. Many regions are devastated, people have been displaced, food is no longer grown. In addition, there are natural disasters (floods and drought, as well as a locust invasion). Half of South Sudan's 12 million people suffer from hunger.

    Thanks to your donation, for example, the financing of the Relocation of the midwifery school to the capital Juba. In the future, 60 midwives will be trained here each year. They will help ensure that more children have a healthy start in life and that more women survive pregnancy and birth.

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    Thanks to your support, for example Children and youth access to education. The humanitarian crisis in the country has orphaned many children and increased poverty in the country. Our partner churches offer particularly vulnerable children and young people access to education, for example at the Muhaba center. Here, boys and girls are educated and cared for. They experience affection that they previously had to do without.

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    And your help enables, for example war traumatized people care and accompaniment. Numerous women, men and children suffered violence during the civil war or even afterwards, because the fighting continues in many places despite the official peace agreement. As part of our peacebuilding project, we support our partners in training and further education for psychosocial support for traumatized people. So that they can gain confidence and look to the future with hope.

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    Many thanks for their help!

    Hope thanks to your support

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