Advocacy means "advocacy" or "advocacy". Its goal is to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people together with them. Mission 21 specializes in advocacy for gender justice and advocacy for religious freedom. We want to empower people so that they can more clearly speak out publicly for their concerns and a life in dignity and demand their rights.

    Gender Equity

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    Many women and girls are still affected by gender-based discrimination and violence. Their opportunities to have a say and actively shape their own society are often limited. Mission 21 strives for a world in which human rights apply fully to all genders. With our advocacy work, we accompany people who advocate for women's human rights, train them and prepare them to pass on their knowledge. Religion and faith support women and men in this process of exercising their rights. Annually, we conduct advocacy workshops on topics such as contextual theology, integral leadership and UN mechanisms.

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    Religious freedom

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    In the name of religion, conflicts and atrocities against members of other religious communities occur time and again. Mission 21 carries out advocacy work to make the potential of religion for peace fruitful. Together with our partner churches and partner organizations, we promote further training in interreligious peace work. We work with organizations of other religions across ethnic and religious boundaries and strengthen trust between religious communities. Every year we hold a symposium on interreligious peace work in Switzerland. On symbolic anniversaries such as Human Rights Day (December 10), we go public and set signs for religious freedom.

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