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    Nachrichten (News magazine)

    'Nachrichten' is the magazine for Mission 21's donors. It is published four times each year, in German. The magazine features information about Mission 21's projects, partners and supporting associations.



    Latest issue: Nachrichten 3/2019

    South Sudan: We promote peace despite mistrust and war

    In the September issue we present the peace work of Mission 21 and its partners in South Sudan: For five years now, a terrible civil war has been raging in the youngest country in the world, which has claimed the lives of 400,000 people and driven many to flee their homes. In the autumn of 2018, a peace agreement was signed, giving the people of South Sudan hope for genuine peace. But it is a long way until the peace agreed on paper reaches the people, let alone until the people in the country have prospects for the future again. Mission 21 supports them wherever possible. Further topics:

    • "A ray of hope for the city garden": The project gives women affected by poverty in the Bolivian city of El Alto new hope and independence.
    • PEP! portrait: The young teacher Simona Kühni reports about her work in a partner school of Mission 21 in Tanzania.
    • Mission Synod: A theatre workshop, the Friendship and Encounter Day and the "Youth Summit" on development cooperation were only three of many highlights of the synod week.

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    Previous issues

    Nachrichten 2/2019

    Youth for Peace in Indonesia

    In the June issue we present you our interreligious peace project in Indonesia. The interreligious youth network Jakatarub, partner of Mission 21, is committed to a peaceful coexistence across religious borders. Claudia Bandixen also looks back on her term as Director, which ends in September 2019.

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    Nachrichten 1/2019

    Tanzania: Two women with a mission

    In a very personal report, Claudia Zeising looks back on her nine years as an international staff member of Mission 21 in Tanzania and talks about her friendship with HIV activist Melania Mrema Kyando. 

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    Nachrichten 4/2018

    Cameroon in crisis

    Cameroon is not calming down. The conflict also affects our local partners, directly. Mission 21 has therefore launched an emergency aid and reconstruction project for the affected population. 

    Committed young people: Young adults from the young@mission21 network talk about their commitment.

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    Our 'Auftrag' magazine sheds light on topics related to mission and ecumenism, with plenty of illustrative and background material. This magazine is published by the German-language Mission Press Cooperative (Kooperation deutschsprachige Missionspresse), which includes Mission 21 and five other mission organisations in Germany and Austria. Each issue focuses on one particular topic or geographical area. The 40-page 'Auftrag' magazine is published four times each year, in German, as a printed edition for Mission 21's benefactors.


    Latest issue: auftrag 3/2019


    The September issue is about Zimbabwe. Despite corruption in the country, people have hope that a new beginning is possible. The interview with former Mission 21 Director Claudia Bandixen is also worth reading. She talks about the background and significance of the campaign: "Thursday in Black". The campaign sends a signal against violence against women.

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    You'll find fascinating films about Mission 21's projects and partners here.

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    Latest selection of films

    Annual Report and Financial Report

    The Annual Report provides information about Mission 21's work and our principles, and it shows how we applied those principles during the year under review. It includes the annual financial statement together with details about the origin and use of funds. Key donor groups are mentioned by name. The Report also includes information about the mission organisation's structure and governing bodies, together with a brief portrait of Mission 21. The Annual Report is published every June to coincide with Mission 21's international Mission Synod.

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    ► Annual Report 2017 (PDF)

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    Financial Reports

    ► 2018 Financial Report (German)

    ► 2017 Financial Report (German)

    Project Directory

    The Project Directory provides an overview of the development cooperation work of these Swiss relief organisations: Mission 21, Bread for All, the Relief Organization of the Protestant Churches in Switzerland (HEKS), and DM-échange et mission (the Protestant mission organisation in French-speaking Switzerland). The Directory presents the country programmes and local partner organisations, accompanied by background information about the political, economic and social conditions in each country. To complete the overview, there is information about the individual projects and donations. The Project Directory is updated each year and is available free of charge.

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    Women's Letter

    Mission 21's Women's Letter aims to strengthen women and foster exchange within Mission 21's network for women. It is published at irregular intervals, and is available free of charge. Publication of the Women's Letter is coordinated by Mission 21's Women and Gender Staff Unit.

    ► Women's letter 2019 in English

    ► Frauenbrief 2019 auf Deutsch

    ► Carta de mujeres 2019 en español

    ► Lettre des femmes 2019, en français

    ► Perempuan surat 2019, in Indonesian

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    Circular letters

    Mission 21's international co-workers posted to partner churches and organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America report at regular intervals. Their circular letters (in German) afford personal insights into projects on the ground.

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