Nigeria: Muslims and Christians shake hands again

The Islamist militia "Boro Haram" terrorizes the population of Nigeria. Villages are being devastated, and many have seen family members murdered. The terrorist militia deliberately stirs up hatred and mistrust by attacking members of both religions, thus breaking the cohesion of the people.

Can peace between Christians and Muslims be restored and strengthened against terror? The answer is yes. With donations, the peace village "Gurku" was founded in a safe area of Nigeria. Here, victims of both faith communities process their cruel experiences. In addition, Christians and Muslims learn new things in joint courses, for example how to harvest enough vegetables despite the drought. A Christian and a Muslim recently opened a vegetable store together in Gurku.

People learn from each other, they respect each other and they shake hands again. They live in peace again. And they are sowing peace. We want to pave the way for Christians and Muslims in Nigeria to live together in peace. Together with you and our helpers on the ground, this can succeed.

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