Our Mission

Mission 21 sees itself as a community of churches and organisations which connects people from different cultures and countries. The partner churches of Mission 21 in Africa, Asia and Latin America are actively involved as equal partners in the forming and organizing of the relations and projects.

The cornerstones of the commitment of Mission 21 are the theological and cultural exchange, as well as projects in development cooperation within fields such as the reduction of poverty, health care, women and gender, education and the advancement of peace.

Mission 21 is a partner of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (SEK) and of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Corporate film about Mission 21

The film shows concrete expressions of «hope» in the work of Mission 21 and our partner churches and organisations. 

The film also shows the learning opportunities in Switzerland as well as the Basel Mission Archives.

Spot about Mission 21

What is the goal of Mission 21? What does the protestant ‪‎mission‬ in its bicentennial stand for? This ‎shortfilm‬, produced on the occasion of the 200th jubilee of the ‪Base Mission in the year 2015‬, gives an answer to these questions in a clear language and in simple but impressive pictures.

In 100 seconds, the spot puts in a nutshell, why Mission 21 moves towards the future with its slogan «200 Years Hope Unlimited».