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From Friday, February 2, the first podcast from young@mission21 will be available on all popular platforms. With "Young Voices - An Intercultural Podcast", Mission 21's youth network is launching a series in which young people from all over the world talk about their everyday lives and share their ideas, wishes and challenges. With this podcast, Mission 21 promotes transcultural exchange and an understanding of global connections.

The first interviewee in the young@mission21 podcast is Janet Kefas. The agricultural scientist from Nigeria is currently completing her social year. Janet completed her Bachelor's degree in 2023 and was then assigned to a year of social service. Janet, who will soon be 26, is connected to the work of Mission 21. She has been involved as a participant in the Youth Embassy Programme, a programme in which young adults explore issues in a globalized world and work together to find solutions.

The new podcast "Young Voices - An Intercultural Podcast" offers young people from all over the world a platform where they can share the reality of their lives, their ideas and wishes, but also problems and challenges from their context. The participants in the first podcast series come from Nigeria and Cameroon, Indonesia and Malaysia, Mexico and Costa Rica - and from Switzerland. The podcast is in English.

Every two weeks, a new episode of around 30 minutes in length goes online. The participants are interviewed by the young@mission21 team from Basel. The conversations are authentic, diverse and thought-provoking. As Janet puts it in the first podcast episode: "If the ideas of young people are heard, the world can become a more pleasant place for everyone".

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