Alumni Day meets Youth Summit "Young Voices. Intergenerational Meetup"

June 29, 2024, 09:45 to 16:00, Missionshaus Basel
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The Youth Summit 2024 "Young Voices. Intergenerational Meetup" brings generations together! Be part of it too! At the beginning of the event, the focus is on the first part of the title: young voices. The youth ambassadors will take the floor through a series of short inputs and we will talk about the concerns of young adults from our international network. Through a wide range of intergenerational activities (of which you can choose two), we will then exchange ideas and learn from each other. The international youth ambassadors and Mission 21 alumni will be present on this varied day and look forward to stimulating discussions... with you!

"Young Voices. Intergenerational Meetup" is the title of the Youth Summit 2024. On this day, generations will come together, engage in joint activities, exchange ideas and learn from each other. In particular, the voices of the younger generation will be heard, as the global young@mission21 network repeatedly emphasizes that it is difficult for young adults to be heard. 

For this reason, the day begins with a joint introduction, during which the youth ambassadors take the floor and we report on the concerns of young adults from our network. Afterwards, everyone is invited to take part in intergenerational activities and to use this opportunity to get together and exchange ideas. There is a wide range of activities on offer and each participant can choose two activities: one for the morning and one for the afternoon. Of course, lunch together is also part of the event. The Youth Summit 2024 will be attended by international youth ambassadors and Mission 21 alumni. We are looking forward to a day full of exchange! Are you too? Then register now!

9.15Arrival, coffee & croissants 
9.45Welcome by the young@mission21 team
Brief inputs from the youth ambassadors
Presentation of the results of the digital Youth Summit 
11.00Workshop round 1 
14.00Workshop round 2 
16.00Closing and coffee & cake 


Creative studio 

Do you love knitting, crocheting or expressing your creativity through other handicrafts? Or would you like to learn? Then the creative studio is the right choice for you! Various utensils are available to make beautiful things: whether it's wrist warmers or friendship bracelets - this workshop offers you the opportunity to get creative with the other participants. You will exchange ideas, techniques and other things... and who knows: maybe you will learn some creative insider tips! You are also welcome to take your current handicraft with you to continue working on while you enjoy the company of the other participants.  


The boccia balls roll colorfully across the floor. Our eyes follow them spellbound. Who will win the game? The shared sporting activity loosens up the conversation and motivates us to talk about popular sports and more.  

Gentle body activation and awareness 

Despite the varied day, calm returns to our minds. Together, we enjoy taking a deep breath and reflecting, becoming aware of and activating our bodies. But the focus of this workshop is also on meeting other participants. You too can embark on this journey.  


Whether we shout "Bingo!", "Yay!" or "Hurrah!" - when we play together, everyone is somehow a winner! This workshop offers all game and puzzle lovers the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas in a playful way. Many different board and board games are available for this purpose. So: Ene-mene-mu and you'll be there too! 

Singing together 

In this musical workshop, the "Young Voices" sound together with experienced voices. Accompanied by guitar music, you will enjoy singing and talking. In this workshop, all your voices will literally be heard - whether softly or at the top of your voice.  

Bible reading 

In this in-depth workshop, you will devote yourself to various Bible texts together with other participants. The guided joint Bible reading is complemented by an enriching exchange about the content of the texts. You too can immerse yourself in the texts, listen to what meaning they may have and share your perspectives.  

Chat corner 

What exciting input that was in the morning! Would you like to talk about this and other topics in more depth than the allotted time allows... No problem! That's exactly what the chat corner is for! Choose the chat corner as a workshop and get into more in-depth discussions with other participants!  

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Saturday, 2.11.2024 | 16:00 hrs | Mission 21, Basel

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