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    Strengthening the relationship between Christians and Muslims in Africa

    Project Number: 100.1200

    The Program for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA), a partner organization of Mission 21, is dedicated to the peaceful coexistence of the two religious communities. PROCMURA advocates for the right to free and unhindered practice of religion as well as for mutual tolerance. Wherever there is tension or conflict between Christian and Muslim communities in Africa, PROCMURA is there to mediate and bring peace. Special programs for women and youth complement the general program. Mission 21 supports the work of PROCMURA in its own project countries, among other things by awarding scholarships for university training in Christian-Muslim relations.

    Background information

    In recent years, the number of conflicts in which religion plays a role has increased significantly in Africa. The main causes are the sometimes very difficult economic and political conditions in the conflict regions. The conflicts are intensified by ethnic, cultural and religious aspects. However, the various religions, explicitly including Islam, can also be sources of peace. PROCMURA wants to use this potential, because without peace between individual religions there can be no peace in Africa or in other parts of the world. PROCMURA is one of the most prominent organizations in the field of interfaith relations in Africa. A partnership has existed between PROCMURA and Mission 21 since 2008. In this context, PROCMURA is currently dedicated to fostering partnership-based Christian-Muslim relations in Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania and South Sudan.

    Project goals

    • There is a peaceful and constructive coexistence of different religions, especially Christians and Muslims in Africa.
    • The relationship between Christians and Muslims is strengthened through projects in various African countries and by promoting interreligious dialogue.
    • The partner churches and organizations, as important civil society actors, can assume their responsibility and contribute to the peaceful coexistence of different religions. 

    Target group

    Members and leaders of Christian and Muslim religious communities in Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, and South Sudan.


    Focus of PROCMURA's work:

    • Conferences and consultations between leaders of Christian and Muslim communities.
    • In the context of youth work, PROCMURA specifically addresses the issue of HIV and AIDS in the Christian-Muslim context.
    • Advocacy in the areas of climate justice and good governance
    • Building constructive and good neighborly Christian-Muslim relations in Mission 21 partner countries: South Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania and Cameroon.
    • Training of professionals from partner churches in the field of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.

    Project progress

    The education and training of personnel for the African partner churches in Africa remains an important branch of PROCMURA's work. With the targeted promotion of the training of professionals, regional structures can be built. Strong, regional structures can in turn increase local competencies on issues related to radicalization and extremism, which has a preventative effect on potential conflicts. At the end of 2019, a Summer School took place in northern Nigeria. This was specifically for church leaders of different Christian denominations to sensitize them on the need for interfaith cooperation in Nigeria. During the 2020 pandemic year, studies continued and manuals were revised where possible. In 2021, preparations were made for a project to empower women and girls in South Sudan, which will be implemented in early 2022.


    • 1.2 billion inhabitants
    • Total area of 30.2 million km2
    • 37-41% Christian women and Christians
    • 43-45% Muslim women and Muslims


    Project budget 2023

    CHF 23'000


    Jacqueline Brunner

    Responsible church partnerships;
    Responsible legacies and bequests

    Tel. 061 260 23 37
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    mg 8598

    Dorina Waldmeyer

    Program Officer South Sudan
    Tel: +41 (0)61 260 22 58
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