Support for people in need in Cameroon

Mission 21's coordination office distributes emergency relief supplies to displaced people, Photo: Mission 21

The Corona crisis and the civil war between separatists and government troops in the southwest of the country massively affect our projects in the Anglophone regions. The main concern is for the displaced people: Food, clean water and hygiene goods - the more than 700,000 internally displaced people in Cameroon lack the most basic necessities. In addition, there are other crises in the country: Boko Haram in the north, refugees from the Central African Republic in the east.

"The coordination office of Mission 21 and the Presbyterian Church PCC, partner church of Mission 21, are very active in emergency aid." This is what program officer Angelika Weber writes in her latest information on Cameroon. The office and the PCC provide thousands of people with essential goods for survival through the program for emergency relief and reconstruction.

Psychological support for traumatized people
This form of support is an increasingly important part of emergency aid. A counseling center in Bamenda, run by one of Mission 21's partner organizations in the emergency aid program, offers help. Talks and rituals to deal with the traumas suffered are intended to help the people affected regain their courage to face life again.

Gender-based violence is also on the rise in Cameroon. This comes to a head particularly in lockdown situations, whether because of the political crisis or Covid-19. Raising awareness of this problem is very important and plays a major role in Mission 21's programs: The partner church PCC has set up a center in Buea. Here, young people receive advice on issues relating to sexual health. And victims of sexual violence in particular receive help here.

Text: Christoph Rácz, Photo: Mission 21

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