Campaign 2018: A tree for peace in Seeberg (BE)

Ruedi Mühlemann (l) from the Seeberg parish council and cemetery gardener Werner Gygax (r) plant the cinnamon maple. On the right in the picture: Heidi Zingg Knöpfli from Mission 21.

The cinnamon maple in Seeberg (BE) stands on good soil. In fertile soil it will spread its roots. But will peace on earth also grow with this tree? Ruedi Mühlemann, vice president of the Seeberg parish council, has no illusions. "We don't have the feeling that peace will come just because we plant a tree here," he said during the planting action. Still, he said, the peace tree is important as a symbol: "We want to do our part for peace where we can." The tree shows the parish's willingness to work for peace, to care for it and cherish it like the freshly planted tree. 

This is precisely what Mission 21's tree-planting campaign stands for. It is part of the "Peace grows with us" campaign.

Focus on Nigeria

The campaign focuses on Mission 21's peace work in Nigeria. There, people are suffering from interreligious tensions and from the violence of the terrorist militia Boko Haram. 

Mission 21 and its partner organizations offer protection to refugees and engage in interreligious cooperation. The campaign also supports numerous other peace projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Tree gives strength

In order to support this peace work, strength is needed. This is what the tree can give, said Heidi Zingg Knöpfli, who accompanied the tree planting action as a representative of Mission 21: "Let us rejoice in it, let us stop at it when we are there. It will give us strength on our own path for peace."

You too can join in, plant a tree with your church community and ensure that the commitment to peace is visible. 

Because peace grows with us!

► How to join in: All information about the 2018 campaign

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