Children of Sternberg center receive urgently needed school bus

Responsible and cared children and young people of the support center "Sternberg" with the new school bus. Photo: Herrnhut Mission Aid

The "Sternberg" rehabilitation center (Starmountain Rehabilitation Center) near Ramallah in Palestine supports people with mental or physical disabilities in the areas of education, rehabilitation and integration. Children can attend an integrative kindergarten or a special school here, regardless of their religious affiliation. Older youths also have the opportunity to complete a vocational apprenticeship in agriculture, manual labor or home economics.

New bus can also transport wheelchairs safely

The old bus from the Sternberg center had been in a desolate condition for some time. So that the children and young people from the region around the support center can once again be safely and reliably brought to and picked up from school, a new intact and handicapped accessible school bus was urgently needed. With the financial support of Mission 21 and Herrnhuter Missionshilfe from Germany, this project could be realized. Since mid-August, the new bus has been in daily use in a wide radius of Sternberg. Now the safe transport of wheelchairs can also be guaranteed.

Another milestone for the Sternberg Center will soon be reached. In the support project for the center by Mission 21, a new inclusive kindergarten is also planned. This kindergarten can be opened soon - despite the difficult conditions due to the Corona pandemic and thanks to the generous donations.

Text: Séverine Fischer

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