Civilian population and partners of Mission 21 in Nigeria affected by violence and kidnappings

One example of many attacks: In February 2020, Boko Haram militiamen destroyed an EYN church in Garkida. Photo: Mission 21

Nigerian partner churches and partner organizations, as well as the civilian population, are suffering violence from several sides. The Islamist terrorist militia Boko Haram repeatedly attacks villages in the northeast, kidnapping and killing people. In addition, conflict between itinerant herders and sedentary farmers is intensifying. Many conflicts run along ethnic and religious lines.
As the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) according to the newspaper The Guardian reports, at least 8279 people were killed by these conflicts in Nigeria in 2020. 

Multiple ransom demands
A current report by our partners on the security situation reports daily killings and kidnappings again this year. The situation has worsened: Despite ransom payments, hostages are sometimes passed on to other kidnappers who demand a second ransom.

Many relatives do not have the resources to pay a second ransom, and as a result many abductees are killed. Other groups go so far as to extort ransoms through kidnapping threats. 

Partner directly affected
Members of our partner organizations have been directly affected by the violence. Employees received threats. An EYN pastor was kidnapped in December.

Following an escalation of violence at the end of 2020 with numerous attacks on villages and churches, the number of acts of violence remained high in the first months of this year. 

Commitment to peace
Our partner church EYN is committed to peace and interreligious understanding as well as to victims of terror and violence - including in the projects supported by Mission 21. EYN President Rev. Joel Billi called on the government to protect the people in the country. At the EYN annual conference, church representatives reiterated the concern to work for peace among religious communities.

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