Conclusion of the 2020 campaign - work continues in South Sudan

Children from Basel attach their wishes with drawings to the wish tree and look at the wishes of the children from South Sudan. Photo: Eva Sidler

Children from South Sudan have recorded their wishes for a peaceful future in touching drawings. Pictures of these drawings now hang on the Christmas tree in the garden of the Mission House in Basel, where Mission 21 is based. On the same tree, children from the surrounding kindergartens and daycare centers have added their drawn wishes. The wish for a Christmas full of light, for security, is visible in the pictures.

Children want a life in safety

Wishes of children united, coming from very different worlds, but showing that the needs of children are the same: A life in safety, without fear. This action marks the end of our 2020 campaign, with which we brought you closer to the living conditions of children and young people in war-torn South Sudan. And we presented the work of our partner church, which gives disadvantaged and traumatized children a future through the Muhaba Children's Center.

Mission 21 advocates for a life without fear

A life without fear, with hope for a good future - this is also what our collaborator from South Sudan, Rev. Bernard Suwa, writes about. He takes the angel's invitation to the shepherds from the Christmas story in Luke's Gospel, "Be without fear...", and relates this phrase to the reality of South Sudan. And he points out that it is not the trigger of fear that poisons life - but a life determined by fear. You can find the text by Bernard Suwa here to read. 

A life without fear for the people of South Sudan - we at Mission 21 are continuing to work on this together with our partner churches. Because many children there still have no chance of education. And many people are traumatized by the consequences of violence and war. Together, we support disadvantaged people in order to give them a self-determined and peaceful future. For this, we depend on your support. Thank you very much; we wish you a happy holiday season and all of us a peaceful new year.

Text: Christoph Rácz, Mission 21

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