Corona Update: Peru

In Peru, the Corona pandemic has weakened since October. Many have lost their jobs, especially women, and are hoping for better times. Photo: Mission 21

"At the moment we have an easing of the situation. But everyone is afraid of the second wave," says Efrain Barrera from partner organization AETE. Grief is a topic in community work as well as in education. Efrain Barrera and his team support students and relatives who have lost people to Covid-19. Zoom and WhatsApp are important tools to stay in touch with those affected and the students.

Health and body

Another focus is the conversation about health, well-being and the body. Because we can influence our health and well-being and we are responsible for our bodies. Efrain Barrera keeps this aspect high because he also wants to set a counterpoint to the ideas of certain evangelical groups that spread that the virus is a punishment from God.

Overload and fear

Nancy Astete from the partner organization ISAIAS reports that most of the doctors live in the city and stayed there, leaving the people of Puno to fend for themselves. Many, especially women, have lost their jobs because tourists have stopped coming. ISAIAS, which especially trains women as leaders for rural and urban areas, plays an important role for many women. "By cell phone, WhatsApp and Zoom, they asked us for advice on everything, " Nancy Astete reports. Most fear having to go to the hospital because so many have died there. Many women had corona, most cured themselves with home remedies and medicinal herbs. Nancy Astete is looking forward to finally being able to offer classes again, because the women are eagerly waiting for it.

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