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Doris Muñoz Vallejos works as a study leader at the Ecumenical Center Diego de Medellín, partner organization of Mission 21 in Santiago de Chile. Doris Muñoz draws courage and confidence from these many actions. For her personal health, she practices concentration on her respective activities, meditating and praying.

The situation in Chile is now even more difficult. Since people took to the streets in their millions last October against the unjust social conditions in the country, the situation has not yet improved. And now the difficulties caused by the Corona pandemic are added to this.

The curfew particularly affects the poor and also women and girls. The domestic violence is increasing, according to reports from the authorities. Doris Muñoz emphasizes that it is precisely here that solidarity actions are important, contacts, assistance by fellow human beings. She experiences that this solidarity is mostly organized and carried out by women.

The Diego de Medellín Center, like Mission 21's other educational partners in Latin America, is currently putting its Offers on digital communication um. The offers on the web ensure the continuing education of the participants. They help against the feelings of theIsolation, enable exchange and promote confidence and hope in this difficult time full of uncertainties.

In addition, our partners in Latin America are now allowed to spend ten percent of their normal budget on urgent emergency measures deploy. Mission 21 is in urgent need of support for this rapid assistance. We are happy about Your donation, which also helps in Latin America to ensure that people are not left alone in the Corona crisis.

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