Education for women

Many indigenous women in Peru hardly went to school. Mission 21 therefore supports the literacy project of "ALFALIT en el Perú". Photo: Mission 21

Poverty is widespread in the rural areas of the Peruvian Andes. Women are still oppressed in society and receive insufficient schooling. As a result, they lack the opportunity to develop and determine their own lives. Not only the women themselves suffer, but also their families. Because no education means poverty: the mothers - often single parents - can hardly feed their children sufficiently and healthily. Instead of developing themselves, they remain trapped in poverty. Mission 21 therefore supports the literacy project of the partner organization "ALFALIT en el Perú". Because: An effective means against poverty and oppression is education. Many women have already benefited from ALFALIT's educational courses. The women are now politically engaged or have been able to develop professionally and personally. Education helps the women concerned to free themselves from oppression and to advance their families and their region.

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