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Image and slogan of the ecumenical platform. Mission 21 also says yes to the climate bill on June 18, 2023.

Mission 21 is committed to climate justice worldwide so that all people can live a life in dignity. That is why Mission 21 is involved in the ecumenical coalition "Christ:innen für Klimaschutz". Christian churches and organizations together support a yes vote in the climate bill on June 18.

Climate change is being felt around the world. But people in the global south are suffering particularly badly from the effects of climate heating. Drought disasters and floods are on the rise, with deadly consequences for people in the affected areas.

People living in poverty in the global South bear the brunt of climate change. They lack the means to adapt to new climatic realities. The consequences are hunger, conflicts and migration.

Important step in Switzerland for climate justice worldwide

The emission of greenhouse gases, which contribute a large part to climate heating, is caused especially by industrialized countries like Switzerland. Thus, we have a strong responsibility to contribute to climate justice. An important step in this direction is the Climate Act, which will be voted on in Switzerland on June 18. It creates the basis for us in Switzerland to effectively reduce CO2 emissions and achieve the UN's Paris climate goals.

Mission 21 is committed to a life in dignity worldwide. Central to this is the pursuit of climate justice. That is why Mission 21 is part of the ecumenically broad-based coalition "Christ:innen für Klimaschutz" (Christians for Climate Protection) and advocates for a "Yes" to the climate law.

► The media release from "Christ:innen für den Klimaschutz"
► The "Christians for Climate Protection" online platform

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