Medicus Mundi health network reports on midwifery training in South Sudan

Follow-up care of a young mother by midwife in Kakuma. Photo: Silvano Yokwe/Mission 21

The Medicus Mundi Switzerland health network pays tribute to nurses and midwives in the December issue of its bulletin. "Their work is indispensable and yet lacks recognition" the title brings the problem to the point. Medicus Mundi does both in this bulletin: recognition and a lot of information about the work of nurses and midwives worldwide.

One article is also dedicated to an important school for South Sudanese midwives. The school is supported by Mission 21 and run by our partner organization, the Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA). 30 midwives can be trained per course: Nursing professionals who are urgently needed in war-ravaged and medically underserved South Sudan.

Outreach against maternal and child mortality

The report "Angelina's Dream for South Sudan". traces the eventful history of the school, which was founded in 2005, and portrays Angelina, now 28, who despite difficulties successfully completed her training in 2019 and now works with great commitment as a midwife. 

According to UNICEF, maternal and child mortality in South Sudan is one of the highest in the world. PRDA's midwifery school is an exceptionally important facility for improving the health situation of mothers and children in South Sudan.

► Report on the situation in South Sudan and the midwifery school in the December bulletin of Medicus Mundi Switzerland

► Project to train midwives for South Sudan

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