Middle East war: How is the "Sternberg" doing in Palestine?

Two children from the project make the peace sign.

Especially in these tense times, it is important for children and young people with disabilities to be able to experience a certain routine and normality at the "Sternberg".

Violent images from Israel and the Gaza Strip are shocking the whole world. However, the "Sternberg" rehabilitation center for children and young people in Palestine, which is supported by Mission 21, is only indirectly affected by this.

The "Sternberg" was previously considered an oasis of peace and tranquillity. The rehabilitation center near Ramallah supports children and young people with disabilities - regardless of religious affiliation. An integrative kindergarten, a special school, an autism program, protected vocational training, home visits and educational work help families who are otherwise often left on their own to care for disabled family members.

At the beginning of the war in Israel and Gaza, the "Sternberg" had to close the center for a few days. However, as the conflicts are mainly taking place around the Gaza Strip and the "Sternberg" is located in the West Bank, the doors were soon reopened.

Nevertheless, the mood is tense. The Palestinian territories have been closed off to Palestinians since October 7. Many have lost their jobs in Israel. In addition, there are roadblocks, many controls and worries about family and friends living in the Gaza Strip. Nevertheless, it is important that the "Sternberg" remains open to allow the children and young people a certain routine and normality.

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