Mission 21 is committed to climate justice - here and in the global south

Due to global warming, longer dry periods are also on the increase. Parched earth in South Sudan. Photo: Ulrich Kleiner/Mission 21

In Indonesia, massive flooding and violent cyclones in February and early April caused a total of nearly 200 deaths, many injuries and major economic damage in several regions of Indonesia.

Elsewhere, dryness and droughts are on the rise. In Nigeria, for example, the rainy seasons are getting shorter and the heat in the dry phases is getting stronger. Drought and food shortages are the result, triggering increasing migration flows and leading to conflicts over increasingly scarce fertile farmland.

Strengths of Partner Churches - Educational Offerings in Switzerland

Mission 21 works in the global south to strengthen our partner churches and organizations to counter the consequences of climate change. We are active in peacebuilding and conflict resolution - and we are involved in Switzerland with our educational offering to convey global connections to adults and young people.

Mission 21 is active worldwide within the framework of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 16, for building peaceful, just and inclusive societies. Goal 13 is also an important prerequisite for this: "Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts". Greenhouse gas emissions - especially CO2 - are the main cause of climate change, harming people and the environment and contributing to increasing and intensifying conflicts and distribution struggles.

The CO2 law, which we will vote on in Switzerland on June 13, is necessary to reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases here at home and to give the countries of the global South the chance of sustainable development. Mission 21 therefore recommends a "Yes" to the CO2 law for the vote on June 13 - in the spirit of global climate justice.

► Voting information of Climate Alliance Switzerland (platform of many Swiss NGOs)

► Media release dated May 3, 2021 (PDF download)

► Information on Mission 21's activities for climate justice (PDF download)

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