Mission 21 opens 2020 Peace Campaign in Basel Cathedral

Jochen Kirsch describes the situation of the population in South Sudan during the opening service. Photo: Séverine Fischer/Mission 21

The campaign focuses on support for education and peace work in South Sudan. The difficult situation for the population in the world's youngest state was impressively described by various Mission 21 guests.

Cathedral pastor Lukas Kundert and Mission 21 director Jochen Kirsch presided over the service together. Since this took place on the federal Day of Thanksgiving, Repentance and Prayer, it was very musically arranged. Especially the basic course of the Knabenkantorei Basel provided atmospheric moments.

A critical look at the pursuit of individual happiness

In his sermon, Lukas Kundert took a critical look at the pursuit of individual happiness and increasing self-exploitation. However, whoever does not permanently place his life in the fulfillment of self-interest will win it, he concluded.

Later in the service, Lukas Kundert emphasized that the work of the Basel Mission, today the supporting organization of Mission 21, had also been a benefit for its fellow human beings since its beginnings in 1815. In contrast to widespread clichés, it had focused on the interests of the local population - for example in Africa - and pursued the goal of freeing them from colonialist paternalism.

Collection in favor of the work of Mission 21 in South Sudan

The collection of the Münstergemeinde was collected in this service for the work of Mission 21 in South Sudan. At the end of the service, Dorina Waldmeyer, Mission 21's program manager for South Sudan, described the precarious situation of the people there - and how important the educational work and trauma work for children and young people is.

Numerous visitors were impressed by what they heard after the service. Especially the short reports of the two children, who can finally go to school again in the children's center Muhaba, stuck.

Text: Christoph Rácz, Photo: Séverine Fischer

2020 Campaign for Education and Peace Work in South Sudan

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