New newsletter from Costa Rica

She was motivated to action by theological education: Ana Cueva (left) at a healthy eating event with the Independencia County Anti-Covid Community Committee. (AETE photo)

The corona pandemic has had a particularly serious impact in Latin America: The number of people living in extreme poverty has risen from 81 million to 86 million in just one year. This is what Simone Dollinger and Angel Román describe in their Newsletter from Costa Rica. They provide many figures, sources and evidence - and describe examples of people who are working concretely for those affected.

Angel Román is a lecturer in theology and coordinator of research at the Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana (UBL), Simone Dollinger coordinates the theological area of Mission 21's Latin America program. In their newsletter, the two report on their work and everyday life in Costa Rica.

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Newsletters are personal experience reports of our international employees. They do not necessarily reflect the view of Mission 21.

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