New partners and a new project in Cameroon

The project activities enable social integration for the most vulnerable people and support them in shaping their lives. Photo: Mission 21

The "Emmanuel Sisters" have their origins in the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC. The PCC is a long-standing partner church of Mission 21, and together with us they have been working for education and health in Cameroon for many years. We have now expanded this work with the "Emmanuel Sisters". In the project "Help for Particularly Vulnerable People in Cameroon," they help to support people in their fight against stigmatization and marginalization. The project provides support for people in Cameroon who live in particularly difficult conditions. These include, for example, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses as well as widows and orphans or people living with the HIV virus

Contribution to the UN - Development Goals

The new partnership represents a new opportunity for Mission 21 to stand up for justice and contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the new project "Aid for Particularly Vulnerable People in Cameroon," also the "Aid International Christian Women of Vision"another long-standing partner organization. The orphanages of the former Martin Stucki Foundation, which was taken over by Mission 21, are also part of the project.

Relief from hardship

Currently, development cooperation in Cameroon is a great challenge for the partners. The Anglophone crisis is shaping people's everyday lives and people are suffering from the violence and unstable situation. The support and work of our partners is therefore more important than ever. Mission 21 is therefore pleased to be able to count on reinforcement and to be able to make another important contribution to alleviating need together with the "Emmanuel Sisters".

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