Protection for street children in DR Congo: SRF program "mitenand" reports

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The program mitenand on SRF television reports on the work of Mission 21 in the Democratic Republic (DR) of Congo. We get to know young Priscille, who is able to train as a seamstress thanks to support.

In the poor districts of Kinshasa, hundreds of thousands of young people lack education and prospects. Priscille was one of them. But thanks to the project "Protection for the Street Children of Kinshasa," she is now attending training to become a seamstress. This joint project of the local organization Accojed and Mission 21 aims to help children and young people living on the streets find stability in their lives and break behavior patterns marked by violence.

The contribution of the program mitenand was broadcast on Sunday, June 18, 2023. It takes us to a training lesson in Kinshasa. During one year, Priscille learns the craft as a seamstress. At the same time, she gains self-confidence that she will manage to take her life into her own hands after the training.

Accojed's project currently supports around 240 children and young people each year. They are given the opportunity to complete schooling or vocational training. However, tens of thousands are affected by a lack of education and homelessness. In order to support even more children and young people, Mission 21 urgently needs donations. Thank you very much for your support.

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