Social justice means climate justice

yes climate protection law 18 june 2023

Already, the climate crisis is having a significant impact on the environment and the lives of people around the world. In our project countries, heavy rainfall and droughts are impacting food sovereignty. That is why Mission 21, as a member of the Climate Alliance Switzerland, is campaigning for more climate justice and thus for a Yes to the Climate Protection Act on June 18. Because global warming is mainly caused by the industrialized countries.  

Our partners in the Global South are reporting increasingly extreme weather events. The rainy season starts far too late and when the rains do come, there are floods. People in Nigeria, for example, are experiencing increasing difficulty feeding themselves with their crops. This is just one of the many impacts of climate change: hurricanes, rising sea levels, desertification and melting glaciers threaten people and the environment around the globe.  

Yes to climate protection law on June 18 

Climate change must be stopped urgently in order to prevent further humanitarian disasters. That is why Mission 21, together with numerous other Swiss organizations in the Climate Alliance Switzerland, is campaigning on June 18 for a Yes to the new climate protection law one. 

Switzerland should reduce its emissions swiftly and decisively to a net zero, promote sustainable technologies and protect people from the consequences of climate change. This concerns all people, but especially the population in the global South. As an industrialized nation, we have a responsibility to preserve an environment worth living in for these people and future generations. Because social justice means climate justice.  

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