Federal Council plans aid for Ukraine at the expense of the poorest

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Mission 21 supports a project in South Sudan that currently provides 350 schoolchildren with a hot meal a day. Support for such projects would be jeopardized by the Federal Council's decision. Photo: zVg

Ukraine is to receive 5 billion in reconstruction support from Switzerland over the next twelve years. However, the Federal Council wants to pay the first one and a half billion, which will be provided until 2028, entirely from the budget for international cooperation. Aid organizations are outraged. Mission 21 also deeply regrets the decision.

The Federal Council has decided to fund reconstruction aid for Ukraine entirely from the international cooperation budget until 2028. The national government is thus sticking to the line that emerged a few months ago and sparked vehement criticism.

Numerous organizations active in development cooperation find the decision "completely unacceptable", as the umbrella organization "Alliance Sud" writes. It had launched the broad-based appeal #MoreSolidarityNow for development cooperation. In the press release, Andreas Missbach writes that "Switzerland's tried-and-tested development cooperation is being cut short".

"Unprofessional and inhumane"

Mission 21 is also very disappointed that the Federal Council is sticking to its stance of providing the undisputedly important aid to Ukraine at the expense of development cooperation. Katharina Gfeller, Head of International Relations at Mission 21, says: "It is unprofessional and unworthy and inhumane for a country like Switzerland" to jeopardize long-standing partnerships with the Global South as a result of this decision.

In their criticism, the organizations also point out that a clear majority of parties and organizations in the consultation process called for funding that does not come at the expense of the poorest. Alliance Sud now hopes that parliament will correct the Federal Council's decision.

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