South Sudan: 10 years of independence - a review

Celebrations in Juba after the signing of the peace agreement in 2018. photo: Mission 21

July 9 marks the 10th anniversary of South Sudan's Independence Day. In its statement, the ENSS calls for confidence and hope while describing disappointment and concern about developments in South Sudan.

The jubilation of 10 years ago has faded. Civil war, famine and political and social insecurity have plunged the people into great hardship. Therefore, 10 years after the founding of the state, there is little to celebrate. Violence and conflict are omnipresent and have nipped any progress in the bud. The country is at a standstill, writes the ENSS: "We are at a standstill in many ways." The current humanitarian crisis in South Sudan is the worst since independence. 8.3 million people are dependent on humanitarian aid. According to UNICEF, 300,000 children under the age of five are at risk of starvation.

The peace agreement signed by the parties to the conflict in September 2018 gave many renewed hope that sustainable peace would return. However, progress in the peace process is slow and bumpy, and there seems to be a lack of political will.

Churches and faith-based organizations on the ground, including Mission 21's partners, therefore play an important role in the peace process. They work tirelessly for reconciliation, overcoming violence, dialogue and peaceful coexistence

The ENSS calls on all allies not to let up and to continue together for the next 10 years on the rocky but hopeful path of peace and reconciliation.

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