Visible solidarity: Mission 21 set a sign for human rights on Claraplatz in Basel

Using an instant camera, people in Basel were able to express their solidarity with the four personalities on the posters. Photo: Miriam Glass

Four large posters attracted the attention of passers-by on Claraplatz in Basel on December 8. They showed women and men from four continents who are committed to helping others with a great deal of heart and expertise. For example, Ebed Grijalva Yauri from Peru, who fights for the rights of indigenous women.

People in Basel were able to express their solidarity with the four personalities on the posters by taking a photo from an instant camera. Many joined in, had their picture taken and stuck their picture under the portraits.

Today, Human Rights Day (December 10), the posters with the solidarity photos are sent. To Suzan Mark from Nigeria, who is campaigning for women who have been displaced by the terrorist militia Boko Haram. To Wawan Gunawan from Indonesia, who is promoting dialogue between Muslim and Christian youth. To Etienne Jenni from Switzerland, who supports young people in Tanzania in their IT training. And to Ebed Grijalva Yauri and her comrades-in-arms in the fight for a fairer world.

With the action, the thanks for a great effort goes to the four featured people. Suzan Mark, Wawan Gunawan, Ebed Grijalva Yauri and Etienne Jenni will spread the pictures to the people who support them in their work. In this way, a visible sign of solidarity will go around the world. With the faces of the most diverse people who share a common concern: the commitment to peace and justice.

Our thanks also go to the four helpers.

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