Welcome to the Domain «Young Adults».
We want to encourage young adults to participate in the exchange with our partner churches and organisations. We hope that our varied offers will generate interest in the global church, in the international cooperation and in mission.

Beside the PEP! programme, an exchange programme for young professionals which has existed for 10 years, we are launching the new domain «Young Adults»: young@mission21 is a platform for church congregations, cantonal churches and other institutions, as well as for young adults themselves. Its aim is to create opportunities for active participation. The platform offers an insight into possible projects as well as current information about on-going activities.

We are open for new ideas and developments which originate in the collaboration with, for example, youth groups, confirmation classes, home circles and all who are interested.


Barbara Grass
sociocultural animator
Responsible for young adults
Tel.: +41 (0)61 260 22 39
Barbara Mission Twentyone
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