Call for the International Day of Peace

A South Sudanese mother with five children, sought shelter from violence in a school in 2021. Photo: Silvano Yokwe/Mission 21

"It is high time for peace and accountability in South Sudan" - under this title the Ecumenical Network for South Sudan (ENSS), on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, calls for an end to violence in the youngest state on earth.

The Ecumenical Network brings together the Federation of South Sudanese Churches, aid agencies, mission organizations (including Mission 21) and churches from Europe and Canada. The joint appeal on the International Day of Peace 2021 recalls that the situation in South Sudan is still precarious and violence characterizes everyday life there.

Concern and urgent call

The ENSS network is deeply concerned about the ongoing violence against women children and men, which leads to "the loss of innocent people", hunger, poverty and displacement. Many people are traumatized and insecure, it said. The ENSS particularly condemns attacks on people who are on duty for their fellow human beings. Since 2013, at least 128 employees working for aid organizations in South Sudan have been killed.

The organizations united in the network call on all leaders in the country to finally start the peace process for the benefit of the population. And the network also calls on the international community to closely accompany this process and to continue its support for the people of South Sudan.

Part of peacebuilding worldwide

Mission 21's engagement in South Sudan is part of our global peacebuilding efforts. In countries that are severely affected by crises and, like South Sudan, suffer from violence, we work together with partner churches and organizations to help the population.

We support our partners in the creation of protection facilities for particularly vulnerable people, contribute to the training of professionals in trauma care and advocate for the development of processes for peaceful coexistence and reconciliation. Through our work, we aim to contribute to the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda, particularly Goal 16, the establishment of peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

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