Church delegation visits Switzerland and Mission 21 - ERF Medien reports

Bishop Dr. Arkanjelo Wani Lemi at the media talk in the Mission 21 park in Basel.

Bishop Dr. Arkanjelo Wani Lemi from South Sudan (center) says during a talk at Mission 21 in Basel how important reconciliation is to convince the country's youth of peaceful solutions to conflicts. Photo: Samuel Rink/Mission 21.

In the second week of October, a church delegation from South Sudan visited Switzerland. They talked about the peace process in their country with the DFA foreign department of the Confederation. And they were guests of Mission 21 in Basel. Mission 21 supports the South Sudanese churches in peacebuilding. ERF Medien dedicates a podcast to the visit ...

Under the title "South Sudan: Does the young generation bring peace?" the quarter-hour radio program reports in detail on the visit of the delegation from South Sudan. Two of the guests have their say: Bishop Dr. Arkanjelo Wani Lemi and Peace Coordinator Juan Rachel.

Bishop Wani Lemi emphasizes the important role of reconciliation. It is central to the peace process. He thanks Mission 21 and the representatives of the DFA. The support of Mission 21 and the training and assistance provided by the Confederation are important pillars for the development of the peace process in South Sudan. In this process, the ecumenical South Sudan Council of Churches plays a very important role.

"You have to support the younger generation!"

Juan Rachel works as a peace coordinator with the South Sudan Council of Churches. She recalls the precarious situation of the population. Rapidly rising inflation and the destruction of arable land by floods - which are increasing due to global warming - are making food supplies scarcer, and this is exacerbating the conflict.

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Peace coordinator Juan Rachel is looking forward to next year's elections with hope. Together with the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC), which is also supported by Mission 21, she wants to teach young people how important it is to get involved politically and accept decisions made democratically. Photo: Samuel Rink/Mission 21.

It is now essential to support the young generation in changing their attitude toward peaceableness and reconciliation. Political education is particularly important because elections are coming up next year, emphasizes Juan Rachel.

The full segment, with detailed testimony from Bishop Arkanjelo Wani Lemi and Peace Coordinator Juan Rachel, aired Oct. 20 on Radio Life Channel and is now available as a podcast.

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