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March 8 is International Women's Day. Mission 21 is part of the global commitment to gender justice. We empower women and girls, advocate for their rights, and promote equality in decision-making structures and leadership positions. Day after day, we set effective signs for gender justice.

International Women's Day puts the spotlight on the fact that women and girls around the world are still disadvantaged. However, numerous organizations also show how they are working to make equal rights for women and men a reality. Mission 21 is part of this worldwide commitment to gender justice and is active in three areas.

"Empowerment.In order to empower women and girls, we work together with our partner churches and organizations in areas such as education. Mission 21 supports girls from disadvantaged families in gaining access to schooling and also being able to attend secondary school. We enable women to receive vocational training so that they can earn their own income and become more independent.

"Advocacy.: When women know their rights, they gain self-confidence and courage to stand up for gender justice themselves. Mission 21 supports and empowers women to get involved in their social and church context.

"Gender Mainstreaming"Mission 21 represents the interests and rights of women in all program and project work. The goal is that at Mission 21 and in our partner churches and organizations, women have an equal say in decision-making and take on leadership roles.

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