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Mission 21 is present in Chile with a total of three projects in the capital Santiago and in the city of Concepción, which lies somewhat further south. The projects aim to give people on the margins of society more self-determination. A particular focus of the projects in Chile is the empowerment of women. With its activities, Mission 21 strengthens the self-confidence of marginalized groups and promotes civic participation in many ways.


The challenge of social inequality

For a long time, Chile was considered a Latin American model country that had succeeded in transforming itself into an economically successful nation. But this pretty facade is crumbling: This is demonstrated by the social protests for a decent life that have been ongoing since October 2019. Chile is one of the countries with the greatest social inequality in the world. The consequences of these disparities are borne by the low-income population groups. Many people still live in precarious conditions with poor access to water, education and healthcare.  Through its projects, Mission 21 works for greater justice and participation.


Mission 21 supports theological education for more justice

All of Mission 21's partner organizations in Chile are making an important contribution to reducing social inequality. This also applies to the theological projects: The educational programs of the CTE ("Comunidad Teologica Evangélica", theological community of Chile) encourage prospective pastors to assume social responsibility and take the evangelical churches to task socially. As in all of Latin America, there is a fundamentalist tendency in churches and theological training centers in Chile. Charismatic Pentecostal churches, which convey a conservative mindset, are on the rise.


Religion and development

With the CTE ("Comunidad Teologica Evangélica", theological community of Chile) Mission 21 promotes an ecumenical, reflective and liberating theology. Thus, it makes an important contribution against the dangerous trend of religious radicalization. Many of our partner organizations as well as their target groups are socially active out of Christian conviction. Mission 21 and its partner organizations are convinced that religion and faith can be important resources in development cooperation.


Promote women

In Mission 21's projects in Chile, special attention is paid to the advancement of women. This is urgently needed. Women in Chile are severely disadvantaged in politics and the economy. In addition, they are particularly often exposed to intra-family violence. Especially for many women in poor neighborhoods, material hardship and violence are omnipresent. Many of those affected do not know their rights, have poor self-esteem or do not separate from a violent partner because of financial dependence. Mission 21 and its partner organizations strengthen the self-confidence of those affected, inform them about their rights and promote networking among them.


Chilean democracy reinvents itself

Chile shows how difficult it is to win back a lost democracy. For a long time, the Chilean population was mute, having become accustomed to a life of fear and inconspicuousness during 17 years of dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet. Electing a president is not enough. A democracy also means, for example, a real say for everyone and electoral opportunities for smaller parties. Democratic processes must be restarted.

It's a long road, but more and more Chileans are realizing that they live in a prosperous nation where a better life is possible for all. They are demanding their rights to more education, security and a say. Mission 21 stands behind them and is making a contribution so that more people can actively shape their lives.

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Theme Responsible Education and Overcoming Violence in Latin America
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