Indonesia: New film on wickerwork in Borneo

Women in Kalimantan (Borneo) weave meaningful patterns into mats, baskets and bags. Photo: Ueli Knecht/Mission 21

The weavers in the Sembakung River area in North Kalimantan, part of the island of Borneo, practice an ancient craft. From rattan, which they find in the remaining forests of Kalimantan, they weave baskets, bags and meter-long mats, which serve as a base for sitting in houses and community halls.

The patterns on the mats are more than just decoration: they tell entire stories - if you know how to read them. Margrit Linder, a former employee of a local partner church of Mission 21 in North Kalimantan, went on the trail of these woven patterns. She visited weavers with her camera and documented both the weaving craft and the stories behind it. The result is the impressive and atmospheric film "Interwoven Stories". 

The impressions and information that Margrit Linder conveys are related to the project work of Mission 21. In the project "Secured Livelihoods for Women and Youth in Indonesia and Malaysia." we support, among others, women who continue to practice traditional crafts and develop new products from them. This enables the women to earn an income. The same context also gave rise to the Christmas cards, which we have developed as part of our Campaign sell

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