Indonesia's president honors Mission 21 partner organization

Wawan Gunawan, coordinator and "figurehead" of Jakatarub with the award to promote Pancasila, 2020.

The awards ceremony was broadcast live nationwide on national television TVRI on Saturday, August 29. The national awards ceremony honored individuals and organizations that make important contributions to peaceful coexistence in the Indonesian nation. The selection of the award winners was made by the Council for the Development of the State-Bearing Pancasila Principle (BPIP). The BPIP is chaired by Megawati Sukarnoputri, President of Indonesia from 2001-2004.

In her speech at the award ceremony, Sukarnoputri praised the honorees, saying they would contribute to Pancasila's continued impact as a cultural heritage in the soul of the community. She said that the total of 75 awardees from the fields of sports, culture, business and religion are role models who promote peace and democracy in Indonesia.

Strengthening religious freedom and diversity

Pancasila is Indonesia's state ideology. It also includes the principle of tolerance and religious freedom for six recognized religions and denominations ("unity in diversity" is the state motto). Radical Islamist organizations are trying to gain influence in Indonesia. This makes it all the more important to promote initiatives that strengthen peaceful coexistence, interreligious understanding and religious freedom.

The award to Jakatarub and its long-time coordinator Wawan Gunawan therefore has great significance. The interreligious youth network is committed to interreligious understanding and peaceful coexistence between cultures and religions in West Java. Jakatarub organizes regular youth camps for members of all religions and thus actively helps to create encounters and break down prejudices. The youth network has been working persistently for a peaceful society for years and now receives an important recognition for its work with this award.

Text: Christoph Rácz, photo: zVg

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