PCG, Presbyterian Church of Ghana

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) is one of the oldest churches in the country. It emerged from the work of the Basel Mission, which sent the first missionaries to the then "Gold Coast" in 1828. With about 500,000 members, the church is one of the largest churches in the country. With 154 districts, over 1,000 congregations and stations, and numerous institutions, it is represented throughout the country. Its work includes projects in a wide variety of areas: strengthening interreligious dialogue, schools and educational institutions ranging from kindergartens to high schools and vocational training centers, women's work and health care; these include four hospitals and basic health programs as well as an eye clinic. In the spirit of holistic service to the people, the PCG emphasizes agricultural programs and, in view of growing social problems in the cities, maintains special programs for drug addicts and prostitutes as well as for prison work. The PCG is ecumenically oriented. It is a member of the All-African Conference of Churches and the World Council of Churches, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the World Alliance of Presbyterian Churches.

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